Your bathroom can be where you go to take a quick shower or your own personal spa. At 614, Interiors will recognize the importance and possibilities a balanced bathroom possesses. Hence, we strive to ensure that your bath comes with just the right amount of care, comfort, style, and grace, regardless of the square footage.

There is more to a kitchen than its surface enthralling quality. Between every piece of furniture, color, texture, and positioning is a purpose, a purpose that gives birth to a space you want to cook and eat every second of the day. At 614 Interiors, we understand this in practicality and goal to bring functionality, beauty, harmony, and balance to your cooking space.

With your dream in mind, 614 Interiors is here to give your home an eternal feeling and look. It is our goal to foster homes that create lovely memories and remain valued after years have strolled on. Our team of creative designers will work with you to ensure that your home isn’t only an enduring spectacle but flexible for any future interior adjustment.

Our experts will come to your place with a series of key questions. These questions will cover how often you use your current kitchen or bathroom, why you want to change it, what you don’t like about the current. With more than three design options before you, it is most likely that you might want a final interior design plan that combines qualities or features you saw in the different options provided. When this is the case, we will schedule a meeting with you where we present the last design for you to check.


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